Thursday, October 30, 2014

Traffic Court

~On our road~
My day off today has been planned for the last several weeks. I was supposed to go to traffic court for a speeding ticket that I got in the town where I live.  I'll admit, that I was on the fence about going.  This was because I didn't have a compelling reason as to why I was speeding that would warrant the ticket maybe being dismissed.  But having not gotten a speeding ticket in more than 10 years, a friend of mine who is a police officer gave me some great advice, and suggested that I go. I really appreciated the advice and felt strongly that she was right that I should go.  So, I decided that I would make an appearance in traffic-court with other highway vigilantes just like me.
Then yesterday when I verified everything online about going to court, I looked at the amount of the ticket. The option to pay the less than $200 ticket online was practically glaring at me.  So, on an impulse, because I knew that court cost ($60) would be added, I caved in and decided to just pay the ticket. Now I'll never know if I would have been given leniency and if the amount of the ticket would have been lowered.  
But I got to meet a friend for an early lunch.
Take the scenic route back home and...
Spend time outside with the dogs. I got a rare photo of Sunny (below) where he's actually looking at me with the camera. Is it possible that he's getting over his fear of the camera?
And I just got to relax and do practically nothing -- All things you just can't do in traffic court.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Red Ball

It was the usual hurried pace at the start of the week for us.  However it slowed down by Thursday when I got to enjoy dinner with an out of town friend who I have gotten to know via blogging and facebook. I always look forward to the chance to get together with a friend or two, and I'm so glad that "she" made time on her busy trip to get together.
The week ended with my getting off work early and rushing home to get ready for the holistic vet to come and see Gus.  For some reason, this was no easy task.  It started when I gave Todd two new balls to play with. I went inside for a few minutes only to rush back out again because Todd and Gus were having a "disagreement" over one of them. Todd takes these disagreements pretty seriously, too seriously actually.
But with such limited mobility, Gus is no match for Tod; and thankfully there were no injuries. But with Cricket and the others on the sidelines taking bets and cheering on the fight, everyone was pretty excited. The scuffle was easy enough to break up, I just picked Todd up. Even in my arms Todd was trying to continue the fight; he's such a Scottie!  It did take some doing, but I finally managed to get everyone settled down.  All that only to have Dr. E cancel the appointment after she was already scheduled to be at our house. It was okay, another family needed her more, and I understand.
But even today Todd is still not willing to share that new red ball with anyone.
Not even Cricket, and certainly not Gus.  
Forget the other new blue ball, he wants the red one all to himself. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Fair Trade

It was in the high 40's when we woke up this morning.
For the first time in a long time, I was legitimately cold. Actually shivering. It was a welcome moment. Another reminder of how I love the fall and the promise of nights beneath heavy blankets with Todd or Charlie warming my feet.  
The weekend was spent mostly at home finishing up chores around the house and getting things stored and ready for winter.  I decided to tackle a flower bed that went untouched this year. The neglect started when the Phoebes built their nest nearby, and I didn't want to disturb them when they were giving parenthood a second try.  Then the black snakes, that I know are harmless were seen a few times around the porch and I just didn't want to chance an encounter with them, so I let it be.
The roots of the weeds were pretty deep and I was finding that with cold hands and a bit of arthritis, I was having trouble pulling them out. So I did the only thing I could do; I went and got Carl and asked him to pull them for me while I took the dogs for a walk and took some photos.
I thought it was a fair trade, and the dogs enjoyed it too.  

Friday, October 17, 2014

Safe at Home

~Over the hedge first thing this morning~
Our week ends with weather that could not be any more beautiful with bright sun and perfect fall temperatures. When I got home from work we enjoyed some outside time. Cissy (below) seemed lost in thought as she just sat and enjoyed the last rays of sun in the cool grass.
Cricket ends her week finally feeling pretty good.  I didn't mention it, but she was a little sick last weekend, causing her appetite to be a bit off this week. Because of her kidney issues when she doesn't eat, it concerns me.  Her eating habits can best be compared to a cats because she's so finicky, and because if I mix cat food with her kibble, she'll usually eat. So, that's what I've been doing. I don't really like her eating canned cat food, but if she'll eat, I'm all for it.  But I decided to enlist the help of one of the girls at the shop where I buy the dog's food to try to find something a bit more nutritious for her and not meant for cats.  We found something that at least for tonight fooled this little girl who gobbled down every single bite of her dinner for the first time in about a week.
Finally, this takes me to Charlie.  I really appreciated all for your thoughts and view points on what happened with him last weekend in the grocery store parking lot.  I did call our local sheriff's office about it on Monday. They'd not had any reports from anyone else about this type of thing happening. But the Deputy agreed that it could have possibly been an attempt to maybe steal Charlie from my van or to get money from me for him. And just as some of you suggested, the Deputy also recommended that I leave him at home instead of in my van unattended.  So safely at home is where my blue-eyed boy will stay for now.
Wherever you 'stay' this weekend, I hope it's an enjoyable one!  
~Todd and his Shadow~