Sunday, August 24, 2014

Test Results for CarrieAnne

The rush of life seemed to come to a full stop when I got a call I'd been waiting for on Friday from my vet about CarrieAnne.  The lab results of the aspirate taken from the lump on her chest were returned.  It was just as I thought, and just as I'd feared, it's a mast cell tumor. She'll of course need to have surgery to remove it. Because I have to balance Carrie's care and the cost together, there are decisions that will have to be made as to who will do the surgery.  I've called for a consultation with a surgeon who did surgery on Sheba, Josh, and our boy Hamlet a few years ago, who I like and very much trust.  Yesterday the vet that is doing acupuncture on Gus gave me some good suggestions and a lot of encouragement.  I'm trying to remain hopeful and positive, but in the quiet moments, I'm finding that right now, it's not easy.  

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Todd Hunter

I may have my fears, but Todd has none. Scottie's are nicknamed "the Diehard" in reference to their rugged character that is tough, determined and ready for action. Todd is fearless and feisty. He is also a hunter. Unfortunately.  Nothing in our yard gets past him.  Sadly the rabbits that built a nest right next to our fence didn't know that (and I didn't realize they were there) and two family members were lost last week, when Todd dug a hole under the fence to get to the little ones. The rest of the family remains safe as that area is now cornered off.
Turning his attention to something else, for the past several days Todd has been curiously and obsessively looking at something by our barn. I thought (and hoped) it was probably a mouse. Yesterday he began barking wildly and hysterically. It was a high-pitched bark as he ran back and forth along the side of the barn. I gathered my courage and went to see what he was barking at.  I saw nothing other than the hole he had dug by the fence. I asked him to come inside, which he reluctantly did.  A few hours later, thinking whatever was there was probably gone, I let Todd out again.  All was quiet for a few moments, then the frenzy and excitement began all over again.  Taking a deep breath, and saying a silent prayer for my bravery, I went to see what it was, and it was then that I saw it.

A box turtle, that was digging its way into the yard.  I breathed a big sigh of relief.  
I took it outside the fence, where Sheba, being a Golden Retriever, tried the more diplomatic approach to make friends. But the turtle would have none of that and it turned to leave.  
Then it changed its mind and turned back towards the fence for another encore from Todd, who gave him one.
I think I saw it take a bow as it  turned around and went back towards the woods. 
 Hopefully to never be seen again... 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Nothing to Fear??

I have a lot of fears. Well, maybe not a lot, but at least two or three.
~Todd, not afraid of what's under the barn~
One I've not made a secret about, and that's snakes. My toes curl and I hold my breath when I think about encountering them.  So, it's just best we move onto another that I have.
~On our porch this summer... YIKES!~
I’m scared of the dark. Crazy, right? Yes I know....  Being 50+ years old and being afraid of the dark, I really should know better.  But I have been since I was a kid.
However even as grown woman a teeny-tiny part of me remains convinced that something will emerge from the darkness to “get me,” even though my rational mind knows this isn’t the case. (is it?) But that’s the thing about fears, they aren’t always rational, are they?
~Sunny has a fear of the camera~
With Carl gone this fear seems to be a bit magnified.  I know, I have the dogs, and I know they'll scare anyone or anything away with just their barking.
But its happened anyway. Especially now as the nights are full of  the symphony of night insects. Hearing the buzzing, whirring and twirring at night is something that I love most about living in the country in the summer.
~Josh fears having his ears cleaned~
But not being able to see them and what’s in front of me leaves me feeling very unsettled…uneasy…uncomfortable. Which is why I don't step out into the yard and onto the grass after dark, I think it's just safer that way!  However, I did stay outside long enough to make a little video of the nighttime cacophony, while I stood (safely) on the back to the open door...just in case ...    Enjoy your weekend!  

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Small Town Renegades

The day started out normally enough.  I'd walked, loved, fed and medicated the dogs and left the house right on time.  Then, it happened.... On my road just before town, there was a Great Dane and a puppy in the road.  Cars were going past, and the older one knew to avoid the cars, but the little one was obviously confused as to what to do.  I honked my horn, thinking I could scare them both back into the yard of the nearby house, or alert the tenants that their dogs were out.  But instead, it startled the puppy who then ran as fast as she could into a nearby field. Without much time to spare, I pulled over to see if I could at least catch the puppy.  When I opened the side door to get a leash, the adult Great Dane ran over to me and jumped into my van.  I only had to catch the puppy, which was a little difficult because she was so scared.  But using my 'happy voice' and wanting to follow its partner in crime, I managed to get them both inside. Fortunately they were both nice and very friendly dogs. Of course neither had collars with ID tags on them.  The puppy quickly became playful and even ate my breakfast that I'd left on the seat.  The big-boy just seemed happy that the adventure was going to continue.    
After stopping several passing cars, I decided to take the duo home and put them into our yard.  Of course pandemonium broke out inside the house when our dogs realized that their turf had been invaded.  I was in such a rush, and so pressed for time by now, but I decided to post on two Facebook pages for our town about the dogs.  Then I took a few more minutes to make signs to put up around where I'd found the dogs. And somehow in all of that, I managed to lose my cell phone, and even locked my keys in my van.  At least something was going right because I was able to find my phone, unlock my van, just as I received the phone call from the one person who I knew could help me--Lydia, my dog-walker.  She knows practically every dog in our town, surely she'd know these two.  Unfortunately she wasn't sure who owned the two renegades, but she told me who she thought they might belong too, and she suggested that I call them and ask.

I very reluctantly made the phone call to the one person I didn't want to call, who confirmed that yes, their two dogs were missing. I was so relieved to have found their owner and I offered to bring them to their home, but she insisted that she'd have her husband come to get the dogs. I told her I wouldn't be there, so he could come anytime.  Our conversation was brief, to the point, and I was politely thanked for the call and keeping the dogs safe.  And just who was the owner of the two dogs I now had in my yard that had caused chaos to break out in my house, me to be late for work, and who'd gotten my clothes dirty by jumping and slobbering on me and who'd eaten my breakfast?  The owner was no one other than my former dog-walker -- You may recall that I had to fire her last fall after she was arrested for stealing prescription medications from (other) client's homes. What are the odds of that?  Do I live in a small town or what?